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Mar 26, 2000

From: "Mika Vanhanen"  Mika.Vanhanen@pp.eno.fi


Welcome to build a new global web learning community together! ENO (Environment Online) will be a new global learning environment for schools interested in environment, locally and globally. Schools are free to join our discussion. We only can choose some official Eno 2000 schools from every continent. But most part of this project are open to everyone interested. Our partner is University of Joensuu (Research and development center for IT in Education ). We are looking for new partners.

Environment is a topic that often rises up in education. But what do we really know about it globally? Even if we knew some facts it's difficult to really interiorize environmental issues . We need each other to learn better. We need human contacts. Interactivity and online activities are important in learning. To feel that you are not alone but doing this together with schools all over the world. We hope we can add these interactive things into our learning environment. A carefully planned timetable with changing environmental themes will be a backbone. In ENO 2000 students and teachers discuss and change ideas daily. We have realtime lessons/meetings once a week.

One of our serious goals is to unite schools from developing countries to our network. With assistance our sponsors and benefactors we are building an online network where EVERY PART OF WORLD is represented.

Eno 2000 will officially start on August 2000. Before official start we will build our community. This will happen in the beginning of year 2000. Phase I will last a year. Phase II is under planning.

Main goals in Eno 2000:

to study to learn co-operationally in web community

If you are interested please visit our website http://pp.eno.fi/eno2000
You can fill in application form there if you and your school would like to join this program.

Mika Vanhanen,
Eno 2000