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Refering to: Morten Flate Paulsen morten@nettskolen.nki.no

Received via: Andrey G.Mezentsev" MEZ@mainpgu.karelia.ru

Dear colleagues:

The EU-project CISAER (Courses on the Internet: Survey, Analysis, Evaluation, Recommendation) is developing a web-catalogue of institutions that offer distance education courses via WWW. I hope you could help us provide information from your institution and other institutions in Russia. So far, we have no entries from Russia.

The catalogue is available at: http://home.nettskolen.nki.no/~morten/cisaer/catalogue.html

Registrations should be made via: http://home.nettskolen.nki.no/~morten/cisaer/torstein_form.html


Morten Flate Paulsen