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ξοχοστι ζιξσλο-ςοσσικσλοηο πςοελτα "τεμενατεςιαμω": χτοςοκ σενιξας-ναστεςσλαρ χ KUOPIO

20-23 January 1999, Kuopio, Finland.

Telematerial Work Shop 2 (WS2) took place in Kuopio, Finland. The WS2 was dedicated primapily to the issues of Labor Market Analysis. The event was reflected in Savon Sanomat newspaper and in News program of Star Visio Kuopion Kaapeli TV OY.

    The WS2 was visited by Tacis Officer Vladimir Skorokhodov who gave positive report on the Telematerial progress and informed the participants that Telematerial was considered as one of the two best of totally above 20 projects in progress now. This fact was reflected also in Tacis Newsletter with reference to the Telematerial Web system.

Following presentations took place:

Drafts of the 4 Hand Books were discussed.

Edit.comment: the history and current news of joint Russian-Finnish project "Telematerial" may be reached at: http://rdinfo.runnet.ru/Telematerial/


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