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The Journal of the Teaching of Mathematics and Informatics (JTMI) is designed for teachers of Mathematics and Informatics, professional mathematicians and specialists in Informatics, educational researchers and administrators, pedagogues, psychologists, students and for all those who aspire to raise the quality and effectiveness of education in Mathematics and Informatics.


  1. To be a source of new scientific knowledge, theories, topics, Olympiad materials, creative problems, ways of approaching problem solving, and to be appropriate for education in Mathematics and Informatics of both a) talented and gifted students, and b) secondary school students.
  2. To disseminate the experience of teachers, educators, and researchers regarding their actual work on the problems of Mathematics and Informatics.
  3. To become one of the forums where current reforms in education worldwide, new curriculums, positive methods and forms of teaching, latest teaching materials are presented and discussed.
  4. To provoke interest in creating and solving difficult problems for competitions in Mathematics and Informatics. CONTENT Papers accepted for publication will demonstrate scholarly excellence.


  1. Papers by eminent lecturers.
  2. Papers on Mathematics and Informatics that offer new ideas, results, and technologies of teaching.
  3. Papers that describe work with gifted and talented students with an emphasis on a) preparation for competitions and Olympiads; b) creation of problems, puzzles, and games in Mathematics and Informatics.
  4. Papers that discuss excellence in teaching at all levels - methods of teaching, new curriculum materials, classroom experiments, reforms in education, learning through effective teaching.
  5. Reviews on research in education - experiments and results.
  6. Samples of entry exams for Colleges and Universities and their evaluation.
  7. Latest news on teaching experiences home and abroad - regular publications of dates and places where Olympiads, competitions and conferences on education in Mathematics and Informatics are held.
  8. Problems designed for students and (a student's corner). There will be a prize system for best solutions submitted by students.


SCT Publishing AMK Central Post Office P.O. Box 0581 Singapore 9156 REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE



Papers will be reviewed first by the members of the editorial board. Those appropriate for the journal will be sent to at least two experts in a particular field for review. All reviews will be "blind", that is, without identifying the author(s). Editorial feedback and/or reviews will be provided to the authors of all manuscripts. Articles may be rejected or accepted outright, or accepted with a request for revision. In some cases, papers that require major revision will not be officially accepted or rejected, but will be reconsidered in a revised form.


A manuscript has not to exceed 15 pages including the list of references, and it has to be written in TEX, LATEX, Scientific World Place, or Word for Windows.The papers have to be written in British english. Remember that tables, figures and charts are effective ways to replace dull text and that examples and stories can help capture the reader's interest. All figures must be suitable for reproduction without being retouched or redrawn. When you describe new approaches and programs, please, include evaluative information.


Submit to the Chief Editor Emilia Angelova Velikova:

Mail your submission to: EMILIA ANGELOVA VELIKOVA Journal of the Teaching of Mathematics and Informatics Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics Pedagogical Faculty Angel Kanchev Rousse University 8 Studentska st. 7017 Rousse BULGARIA

fax: + 359-82-455-145 Tel: +359-82-628-403

e-mail: emily@ami.ru.acad.bg

If you have any questions, please, contact the Chief Editor Emilia Velikova. Thank you for your interest in and support of the Journal of the Teaching of Mathematics and Informatics.

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