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Announcing a Euro-Par'96
Workshop !

Optics in High-Performance Computing Systems 

ENS Lyon, France. August 27-29, 1996.

Program Commitee:

Deadline: February 4, 1996 (paper); February 18, 1996 (electronic)

Euro-Par is THE annual European conference in Parallel Processing. It merges the former PARLE and CONPAR-VAPP conferences, two major events of the field. The 1996 version will consist of a large panel of highly focused workshops on all aspects of parallel processing, from theory to practice, from academy to industry. They are expected to present the latest advances in their respective domains. They will be introduced by several high level tutorials of general interest. More than 20 workshops have been launched in parallel, ranging from 1/2 to 2 days. All accepted papers will appear in the proceedings published by Springer-Verlag in the LNCS Series.

Workshop #15:

Optics in High-Performance Computing Systems

As both silicon and GaAs-based technologies drive device speed into the gigahertz (GHz) range, communications between subsystems and chips at higher and higher data rates are becoming the limiting and decisive factors for performance and cost of high-performance computing systems. These limitations are manifested in both high-speed uniprocessors as well as parallel computers. For parallel computers, the technological limitations are resulting in limited bandwidth, low interconnect densities, and high power requirements.

Emerging technologies such as optics may provide adequate and cost-effective solutions to the needs of high-performance computing systems. Optics with its inherent parallelism, high communication bandwidth, high interconnect density, low crosstalk, and low power requirements is under serious considerations for providing permanent solutions to the communication, high-speed computing, storage, and I/O problems of high-performance computing systems. Applying optics to computing and networking is an emerging technology and many efforts are being made in the development of optical systems for computer science and networking applications.

Topics of interest include:  
Parallel optical architectures    Optics in ATM switches and networks
Applications for optical computing    Optics in massively parallel processing
Optics in high-speed interconnects    Optics in parallel database systems
Parallel algorithms for optical computing systems   All-optical networks

Further information is available at URL http://www.ens-lyon.fr/LIP/europar96. It includes the list of all workshops. Please send all information requests and comments to europar96@lip.ens-lyon.fr. Register today on the Euro-Par'96 mailing list by sending us a mail! See below for additional information.

Valerie Roger, Euro-Par'96 Secretary 

LIP, ENS Lyon, 46, Allee d'Italie, F-69364 Lyon Cedex 07, France 

Phone:(~33)72728037; Fax:(~33)72728080; Internet: europar96@lip.ens-lyon.fr|

Additional information for Workshop #15

Optics in High-Performance Computing Systems

Submissions are expected to be no longer than 15 pages. The cover page must clearly indicate the name, address, affiliation, phone and fax numbers and electronic address of the author(s), plus a 100-word abstract. The workshop number (15) and the workshop title related to each submitted paper must also be clearly indicated on the cover page. The official languages of the conference are English and French. Submitted papers must not be simultaneously under review for any other conference, and authors must point out any substantial overlap with their previously published work.

Electronic submissions are most strongly encouraged. They are mandatory for all people having access to standard electronic      facilities.

They should consist of two e-mails:

Accepted formats are uuencoded compressed EPSF PostScript files (most preferably generated by dvips). We are sorry not to be able to accommodate other file formats. If at all possible, please attempt to print the document on more than one brand/model of laser printers. If your program requests it, assume that the document will be printed on a 300 DPI standard PostScript Unix Sun laser printer. We will do our best to get all files printed. If a file cannot be printed in spite of all our efforts, we will have to reject the electronic submission. In case of doubt, send us a (possibly preliminary) paper version of the submission before the February 4, 1996 paper deadline (one copy is enough in this case). We will consider that the electronic version of the submission, if printable, is the final one.

The files should be mailed to europar96@lip.ens-lyon.fr and received at this address before February 18, 1996, 12:00 GMT. Please note that this is a firm deadline.

Paper submissions are only allowed for people without easy access to standard electronic facilities. Authors should send 6 copies of their submission to the official address below, postmarked before February 4, 1996. Please note that this is a firm deadline.

Proceedings. All accepted papers will be published by SPRINGER-VERLAG in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series. Proceedings will be available at the conference. Papers will be published in 3 lengths: full papers (12 pages), short papers (8 pages), poster papers (4 pages).

Register on the mailing list:   Today!
Deadline for paper submissions:   February 4, 1996
Deadline for electronic submissions:   February 18, 1996
Notification of acceptance:   May 10, 1996
Final version due:   June 10, 1996
Euro-Par'96 at ENS Lyon, France:   August 27--29, 1996