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Refering to: clark@bruce.nist.gov (Charles Clark)
Organization: NIST

SBIR subtopics in physics

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has issued a request for proposals in the "Physics" topic of the FY 1996 Small Business Innovation Research program. The titles of these subtopics are listed below. Closing date for proposal is January 10, 1996.

Full descriptions of these subtopics will be found in the official Program Solicitation, which can be obtained from:

Mr. Norman Taylor
NIST SBIR Program Manager
A343 Physics Building
Gaithersburg, MD 20899
(301)975-4517; FAX (301)548-0624


8.12.1T   High quality broadband polarizers for the infrared
8.12.2T   Compact spectrometer for infrared radiation with a minimum number of moving parts
8.12.3T   Improved near field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM) probes
8.12.4T   Water calorimeter for accelerator radiation beam therapy dosimetry
8.12.5T   Advanced technology scatter measurements to detect particulates on silicon wafers
8.12.6T   X-/gamma-ray tomographic technologies for non- invasive radionuclide metrology
8.12.7T   Electrically calibrated micromachined high-Tc infrared detectors
8.12.8T   Dose monitoring system for industrial radiation processing
8.12.9T   Compact tunable far infrared light sources
8.12.10T   Ultraviolet components
8.12.11T   Standard reference materials for characterizing near-field microscopy probes
8.12.12T   Applications of highly charged ion beams for nanfabrication
8.12.13T   Low-cost high-performance parallel computer
8.12.14T   Shutter for fast laser pulses
8.12.15T   Automated glow-discharge source for mass spectrometric counting of radionuclides
8.12.16T   Imaging colorimetry
8.12.17T   Nonlinear optical materials for ultraviolet and infrared
8.12.18T   Broadly tunable infrared laser
8.12.19T   X-ray Soller collimator for diffraction experiments
8.12.20T   Fully encoded rotary turn tables for x-ray diffractometer and x-ray powder instruments