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Purposes: The Zeiss Historica Society is the international organization of those interested in the Carl Zeiss foundation and its various subsidiaries, such as the Zeiss lensworks, Schott glass, Zeiss Ikon cameras, Compur shutters, and in Zeiss telescopes, binoculars, and microscopes.

Membership: our membership is international and includes collectors, scholars, and researchers of many stripes.

Joining the Society: there is no initiation fee. New members receive a complimentary copy of the complete listing of all Zeiss Ikon bestellnummer, or order numbers.

Annual Dues: $25.00 for US members, $35.00 for members who reside outside the US

Journal: our Journal is published twice each year.

Annual Bonus: a reprint of a Zeiss publication is normally offered as an annual bonus. Recent reprints have included the 1937 London Zeiss Ikon catalogue, the 1961 New York Zeiss Ikon catalogue, the 1933 Zeiss binocular catalogue, and a Prewar Zeiss monograph on their lenses, 'The Eye of the Eagle'.

Annual Meeting: an Annual Meeting is held in the fourth quarter of each year. The site is normally around Philadelphia, though the 1995 meeting was in Toronto. The 1966 meeting is planned for Thornwood, New York, at the main Zeiss plant.

European Meeting: a meeting is held for European members biennially.

Further information can be obtained from the Vice President, Marc Small, at msmall@roanoke.infi.net.

Marc Small FAX +540/343-7315
Cha Robh Bas Fir Gun Ghras Fir