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Refering to: Mark_FrmMgr@msn.com (Mark Cayton)

The Microsoft Network (msn.com)


Hey all you Engineering types on the Usenets...aren't you getting tired of communicating with a single font? Don't you wish you could be surfing the NET using Windows 95 instead? ... maybe on the Microsoft Network online service? Is VT100 emulation ready for the recycling bin? We think so! Would you like to discuss things real time..online?

The MSN has an Engineering Forum, and through this area, you can participate in the good old fashioned ascii newsgroups...or take a leap into the unknown and use the rich text files, graphics and hot-links, top quality e-mail (with binary, OLE and other file attachments supported).

We have an extensive BBS system and several Engineering Professionals who are online and ready to hear your ideas, suggestions and requests...they even give technical support on Win95. We have created dedicated areas for all kinds of Engineering, and are happy to accomodate anyone we've missed out to date.

In addition we have a bunch of Excellent WWW shortcuts (ASME, IEEE, NASA, Dod, and lots of professional Institutions and societies are just a double-click away)... we've tried to make a great resource and thought you should know about it. Naturally you can browse the MSN and the WWW and other areas of the INTERNET simultaneously, using as many windows as you like.

We thought Engineering and Technical professionals might appreciate this! We maybe wrong, but we believe some Engineers also like to stay up to date...so Welcome to '95 (1995 that is)...and see ya in the forum! Oh I almost forgot to mention our chats...yes, we hold several chat events and other online discussions. It's time for Engineers to start talking and doing things again. How about online collaborations and other projects? Think about it.

Mark Cayton
Engineering Forum Manager
The Microsoft Network