Address List of The Emissia Network

The Emissia Analytical Group Educational SERVER  'edu@emissia' Editor of sci. channel "The Emissia.Offline Letters" LISTSERVER of USENET EDUCATIONAL NEWS LISTSERVER of HERZEN TELECONFERENCE LISTSERVER "The Emissia.Offline Letters" for SPb LISTSERVER of IATP - PROGRAMM LISTSERVER 'Walker County - SPb Innovative Project' Dr Andrew A. Akhayan, Head of Emissia Group Dr Tatiana R.Berlina, Senior Moderator, Emissia Group

Stud. Nick A. Akhayan, CoWebMaster of Emissia Group
Al. Herzen State University of Russia Faculty of Technology and Bussines Dept. of Acmeology Dept. of Phys.-Chemistry Dept. of Russian Language for Foriegn students Dept. of Pedagogics Audio-video Center
Al.Herzen State Univ: Private Addresses Dr Tamara M.Burkat, Dept. of Phys.-Chemistry Prof. Alla P. Tryapicyna, Dept of Pedagogics Prof. Ludmila A. Regush, Dept of Psykhology Dr Vasily A. Smirnov, Dept. of Physiolog. of Humans Dr Olga E. Filimonova, Dept. of English Language Dr Eugene V. Malyshkin, Dept. of Ethics & Estetics Dr Vitaly A. Komarov, Dean of Techn.&Bussiness Faculty Dr Sergey F. Ekhov, Dept of Acmeology

PhD-stud. Vyacheslav Drugov, Dept. of Informatics
Rus. Humanity Institute (Vasiliev's Ilend)

Schools & Regional Education Boards Mrs Alla I. Ershova, Principal, School #4 School  #4 Mrs Tatiana A.Kousryavceva, Principal, School #635 School #635 Regional Education Board of Tikhvin-sity Kids Technocal Center of Tikhvin-city School #3, Tikhvin-city School #5, Tikhvin-city School #8, Tikhvin-city
Fund of Worker's Academy Direction Boad Newspaper 'Za Rabochee Delo' Newspaper 'Narodnaya Pravda'

Last correction: March 5, 2000